Proposition 2 on Idaho ballot opposed

There are many copycat measures in other states. I have heard of almost no non-paid support for prop 2, which would by trick not only take away the protection you get from zoning but defeat efforts to conserve open space all over the West.

The features in Prop 2 on “takings” have no historical basis in American law or English common law. They are a radical reading of property rights that give power to the few to destroy the property of others (unless money is paid to the aggressor). It it also totally incompatible with protecting our precious land from disordered development.

From today’s Idaho Statesman.

Proposition 2 will take away property rights, not protect them. By Vern Bisterfeldt (Boise City Council)

Idaho Nature Conservancy opposes Proposition 2. By Ken Pursley. (Chair of the Idaho Nature Conservancy)

In late news, Proposition 2 is now being attacked from the right in Idaho as well as the left and center. Just go back to New York City, Howie Rich! Note that the Bill Sali referred to the link to the blog above is the Republican’s candidate for the US House first district in Idaho. Most Republicans leaders don’t like him (except recently when he has been carefully hugged with GOP leaders flown in, followed by the statement “he will [at least] keep the seat in Republican hands.”)







  1. dcookie Avatar

    In California, the equivalent swindle is Prop 90.

    Vote NO.

    What is the equivalent in your state?


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