Can B.C. help save endangered [mountain] caribou?

Not to be confused with the numerous barren ground caribou or the woodland caribou, the mountain caribou is faltering all over B.C. In the United States it would be, and in fact it is, an endangered species. A tiny herd hangs on in northern Idaho. It wanders back and forth over the border.

This sad situation has been brought on by too much logging old growth forests. Now the B.C. government has a plan, and it’s controversial.

Read in the Globe and Mail, “Can B.C. help save endangered caribou?

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  1. Kalanu Avatar

    Isn’t this the most asinine thing you’ve ever heard? Wait, I’m talking to Ralph Maughan and readers of his blog. I imagine you’ve heard a lot of asinine things over the years…
    These caribou…think about it people…geez, I can hardly talk about it. I mean, geez. What kind of surreal world are we living in?
    Here’s the contact info for the knucklehead responsible for this: Send him an email and let him know this is a completely unacceptable plan.

    Hon. Barry Penner
    Minister of Environment and Minister responsible for Water Stewardship and Sustainable Communities

    Room 112
    Parliament Buildings
    Victoria, BC
    V8V 1X4

  2. Kalanu Avatar

    Also, check out these links to see what more we can do.

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