On the hunt for the elusive Adirondack wolf

Biologist John Way suggested this article–“On the hunt for the elusive Adirondack wolf.
It seems that the belief that wolves have, or are about to reinhabit the Adirondacks is not new, nor is debate over what the eastern coyote really is.



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  1. Joseph S. Butera Avatar

    Hi Ralph:

    Just wish to let you know about the work we are doing in trying to restore wolves to New York’s Adirondack State Park. Three times the size of Yellowstone.

    I like your website!

    All the best in both life and work.

    Joseph S. Butera, President & Co-founder
    The Northeast Ecological Recovery Society.
    P.O.Box 764
    Floral Park, New York 11002 http://www.adirondackwolf.org

  2. john Avatar

    wut about restoration of the wolverine,elk,and mountain lion besides the wolf in the adirondacks?

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