No problems found in tests of Rammell's elk so far

So far the elk tested from Rex Rammell’s elk shooting farm have tested negative for diseases or the genes of red deer (European elk). Not all have been tested.

The escape of his domestic elk was a big controversy a month ago and was covered heavily on this blog and in the main stream media. I won’t recapitulate.

Read the story in the Idaho Falls Post Register.







  1. Erin Miller Avatar
    Erin Miller

    It of course wasn’t noted that one of the wild elk shot by F&G by accident during this ordeal tested positive for Liver Fluke. There aren’t even parasites in the domestic elk that have been tested that escaped or in the facility which were tested as well.

  2. Erin Miller Avatar
    Erin Miller

    ALL of the test results are in now on all the escaped elk that were killed and the elk in the facility: THEY ARE ALL PURE ELK (no red deer hybrids) THERE IS NO DISEASE OR PARASITES. But at least one of the wild elk was infested with large Liver Fluke. Hmmmmm…….

  3. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    The presence of this parasite in the wild elk is a very good reason to make sure that wild elk and domestic elk don’t have any contact through the fences.

    If you read about the various native diseases and parasites that can infect elk, deer, wolves, coyotes–any wild animal, it is amazing and may be worrisome. I’m sure many of these could be passed to domestic elk, and vice versa, although the danger of each probably varies according to whether they are wild or captive.

  4. james adams Avatar
    james adams

    The Montana Mange has spread to the Gray Wolf population in Ontario, Canada. Rescue efforts to trap and quarantine four immature and two adult wolves are currently underway. The Toronto Wildlife Centre. is the group that is organising this effort. It is going to be quite a challenge to trap all of the wolves. Failure to do so will almost certainly result in the wolves dying from exposure. Thankfully the temperature in Northern Ontario are quite mild for this time of year but Old Man Winter is close at hand.

    Jim Adams
    November 9/06


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