An interesting article in Science News this morning–wolves are not moving out of the Greater Yellowstone as fast as mathematical models predict.

I don’t know the details of the article, but I suspect the reason is that the area is surrounded by ring of domestic sheep and the wolves shot for killing sheep.

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  1. Interesting how Idaho and Utah appear to be the only states to survive the Democrat wave. Here, we passed two propositions that should help the environment long term: Prop 2 which issues bonds to buy open space in Salt Lake County to preserve it as open space and prevent development and Prop 3 to expand the light rail system which has been very successful. Utahns in general seem to be Democrat-proof outside of Salt Lake City with the Mormons voting greatly as a block. Ironically, the most powerful Mormon in the U.S. Senate now is not Orrin Hatch but Harry Reid of Nevada. Hatch has got to be steamed.


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