Winter gas drilling exemptions given around Pinedale, WY despite protests from Wyoming Game and Fish

No surprise, it’s just an indication that natural gas drilling continues to be first in the Green River Basin and that the BLM works for the oil and gas industry (courtesy of George W. Bush).

For those of you who live in areas where the oil and gas boys are yet to begin, you and your interests will be treated with the same contempt.

Today, Nov. 13. Winter drilling exceptions granted. BLM has yet to deny requests around Pinedale. By The Associated Press.

Earlier story in this blog. WY Game and Fish takes a stand against winter gas drilling near Pinedale. November 2nd, 2006







  1. who cares Avatar
    who cares

    i live in pinedale and people that live by me agree that we all hate the gas field.


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