Druids are returning more and more to their old haunts. Sloughs are wary.

While they are often still out of sight up in the Lamar River, upstream from Lamar Valley, the 15-member Druid Pack appears to be reclaiming their old territory after they were marginalized in recent years by the surging Slough Creek Pack.

Today the third encounter of the year between the two pack was inferred, although not observed.

The Druids were observed north of highway at Soda Butte Cone on a kill. This is the first time they have been seen north of the highway (recall they used to den just above there on Druid Peak). The 8 member Slough Creek Pack was observed about a mile to mile-and-a-half away and moving away (to the west). Then the packs engaged in a long howling bout. Eventually the Sloughs continued west.

In the previous two instances, it was the Slough Creek Pack moving away from the Druids. No physical contact between them has yet been seen, although it is certainly expected.

In other news, the 13 Agate Creek wolves have been observed in some unusual places. Park Ranger-Naturalist Rick McIntyre said that today he observed them for the first time ever on Hellroaring Slopes, the long time home of many past wolf packs.

The newly named Oxbow Creek Pack, which was recently derived from the Leopolds, uses the Hellroaring area, but it has visited the Tower Junction area at least twice in recent weeks. This is generally Agate territory in fall and winter months.

Thanks go to Rick McIntyre for this information.







  1. Dave Collins Avatar
    Dave Collins

    Thank you for posting this information for those of us that are so far away from the action. You provide a great service.

  2. Tim Z. Avatar
    Tim Z.

    It’s great to see this pack coming back. I was lucky enough to see them with two small pups several years ago.

  3. brigitte dighello Avatar
    brigitte dighello

    it is great to see them,i was lucky to observe themm howl a few weeks ago in lamar.could you please sent me ricks e-mail adress keep up the good work brigitte dighello

  4. Elli Avatar

    Thanks Ralph for keeping us updated. I enjoy this new blog. Hope it doesn’t turn in too much work for you. You’re doing a great job. I’ll be back to Yellowstone for 4 weeks of wolf watching in February. Can’t wait to see them again.

  5. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Thanks, Elli. Glad you like it.

    Actually it is less work than before because I don’t have to deal with all the HTML/CSS code.

    We will be in the Park for Christmas, but not February.


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