Greater Yellowstone grizzly bears soon to be delisted

The grizzly bear recovery in the Greater Yellowstone has been a great success, but most activists I know fear for its long run future, not because it isn’t really recovered, but because every predictable trend about the grizzly bear’s habitat points downward. In addition, habitat corridors allowing dispersal to central Idaho and Northern Montana have not been created.

Story in the Billings Gazette by Mike Stark.






  1. JimBob Avatar

    Geez! Read the comments to this story on the Gazette’s website. Is everybody in Montana an uneducated, opinionated moron, or is it just the ones that comment to the Gazette. Sometimes I think there is no hope for this country.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I see, however, that the posters to the Gazette are the “usual suspects.”

  3. mike Avatar

    It has been a long time; but, back when Johnnie Weissmuller was playing Tarzan, wasn’t “Cheetah” his monkey? Now the ape lives in Billings and votes Republican…

  4. Monty Avatar

    The red neck responses to the Gazzette’s article confirms my belief that the greatest threat to the world is “stone cold neanderthalic human ignorance”!

  5. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    The Democrats are taking over Montana, although the Montana House swung Republican by just one seat and that on a couple votes.

    The Republicans have decided they lost because they weren’t conservative enough. However, conservatives can’t decide what “conservative” means anymore.

    In addition, most people don’t vote on the basis of ideology. While more people say they are conservatives than say they are liberals. Liberals plus middle-of-the-road is a substantial majority.

    The Montana Republicans just put a guy who doesn’t believe in public education at all as chair of the state House of Representatives Education Committee. He wants to abolish all laws required compulsory education to a certain age.

    I think Montana is going to swing more and more to the Democrats.


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Ralph Maughan