Tougher odds next time? (commentary about CIEDRA).

Randy Stapilus is a keen observer of Idaho and Pacific Northwest politics. His blog has a view on the prospects for CIEDRA in the next Congress.

Tougher odds next time? Ridenbaugh Press

It should be noted that it was Idaho’s Senator Larry Craig who ended up killing the bill, as I predicted he would some time ago. There will be incredible pressure on conservation groups who have gone along with CIEDRA this year, as it has gotten worse, to demand more next year. Larry Craig will never support any wilderness bill anyway, so why cater to him?

As for Idaho’s new congressman, Bill Sali? He won’t be a player. He will be a joke, out there embarrassing Idaho.



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  1. Alan Avatar

    Sali brings to mind George Hansen.

    Yes, and Helen Chenoweth and Steve Symms. Ralph


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