Wolves and Alligators: A view from the fascists

American fascists like to imagine they know about animals, guns, the West, and the outdoors, so folks might find the columnist in this rag amusing.

Wolves and Alligators, The American Spectator.






  1. AmatureNaturalist Avatar

    Prehistoric Killing Machine? My thoughts on this whol;e article, well, it didn’t amuse me. It is quite sad actually that some people just can not see what is going on. As far as animal attacks go, They would not attack if we as people didn’t try to interfere in nature.

    Hell, my dog will bite me if I try to take something away from it….a hamster will attack if it is scared. It is an animals natural instinct. It is only when we are the provoker that these attacks happen. Animals don’t strike for nothing.

    People’s continued infringement on these wild spaces have been the cause of alot of the more recent attacks.

  2. Craig Hortman Avatar
    Craig Hortman

    I’m always amazed that people that have never been in a Florida swamp can have such fear of the animals that live there. I have walked chest deep in the swamps since coming to Florida in 1963. I never had a close call with a gator, but I did have a cottenmouth nail a fish between my feet. I now wear snake legging as I’m hours away from Medical help.These animals live here and I’m just a “visitor”. The only gators that seem to be in trouble are those that have been fed by people and live in canals near “snowbirds” winter homes.

    As for wolves, I have yet to have any pack member even come close to approaching me in the 100’s of days that I’ve been photographing in yellowstone. I’d love to get a closeup pic, but their noses are better than my eyesight.

    A hint to ranchers—–Please don’t leave any of your dead stock laying around after they die because this just baits the wolves into visiting your herds.It’s tough enough to keep wolves and stock apart when farm animals are grazing near existing wolf trails or den sites in our national forests.And a documented wolf kill on stock can be turned into the Defenders of Wildlife fund and the rancher is reinbersed for his loss. I know that ranching is a tough business these days, but it’s not the wolf that caused it.

  3. Buffaloed Avatar


    She looks like an authority on wildlife doesn’t she?

  4. elizabeth Avatar

    Whoa! I thought Ann Coulter was the most offensive and ignorant woman on the far, far “right”! Looks like Ilana has tied with her on both fronts.

    There is so much bad logic in this article it boggles the mind.

  5. Kim Avatar

    did you go to her website or “about me” page,,through the links,,,whew,!!!! seems her only joy is to have no joy,,,

  6. Robert Hoskins Avatar

    After checking out Ilana Mercer’s website, I have to agree with Elizabeth and Kim. Where is a devotee of Ayn Rand going to find joy in life?

    Like Ann Coulter, it appears Ms. Mercer has found a market for hate and irrationality; it must pay well.

  7. AmatureNaturalist Avatar


    I was not sure how to contact you other than in your ‘comments” section. I have ran across a story today about a bill introduced into Texas legislation to allow laser-sighted hunting for the blind. You may read this story from my own blog: http://amaturenaturalist.wordpress.com/

    I find this very unfortunate as this does not constitute hunting, but “animal genocide”

    I am asking for everyone’s attention on this matter and have included a petition on my blog against this bill.

    I would very much like to hear everyone’s personal opinion on this matter and ask you for help.


  8. talkingtotrees Avatar

    Hey I watched “The Horse Whisperer” too, why didn’t I think of such a brilliant easy plan, perhaps as someone so eloquently worded on a sign, these “Saddam Husseins” of the animal kingdom should be dealt as terrorists and we should get National Security involved.


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