Here is an analysis of what it may take to get the Central Idaho Economic Development and Recreation Area bill through the new Democratic congress.

They are worrying that Custer County might jump ship, but I’d say for every bit given to Custer County (unless it is money) more needs to be given to conservationists. A designated Wilderness isn’t enough (unless maybe if it is huge).

There is also the misperception that Custer County means the county seat of Challis and the Custer County commissioners, but I think the opinion of folks in Stanley (which doesn’t take back seat to Challis anymore) counts too.

Story in the Idaho Falls Post Register.  Corey Taule

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One Response to Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson to take new route on wilderness bill (CIEDRA)

  1. kt says:

    “This is sagebrush desert,” Simpson said in the Post Register story.

    How ignorant and telling – if it has sagebrush on it, it aint’ worth nothin’ – compared to the rocks and ice in the “wilderness” bill. Unfortunately, that is the attitude of the Bill’s conservationist proponents, too. CIEDRA would release around 80,000 acres of WSAs, too – because after all, they are ugly good for nothin’ sagebrush desert – where the wolves and big game converge in the winter …

    Can’t we please move on from these pathetic Wilderness bills, and let Simpson’s envtl record shine for the Big Fat ZERO it really is …


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