Idaho Fish and Game Commission names new Director

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has announced the hiring of a new department director, Cal Groen. He replaces Steve Huffaker who retired.

Here is the news release.

Date: Jan 17, 2007
Contact: Ed Mitchell 208-334-3700

Idaho Fish and Game Names New Director

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission today appointed Lewiston resident Cal Groen to lead Fish and Game.

Groen, 59, is a 17-year veteran of Fish and Game with 33-years of experience managing fish and wildlife. Groen held several prominent department positions over the years, the last nine as supervisor of the Clearwater Region.

“I am thrilled and honored to be named to this very important position,” Groen said. “Idaho is blessed with a variety of fish, wildlife, and land and l look forward to working with the Commission, employees, and other partners. The mystic and natural beauty of our state is something I treasure and we need wide-ranging partnerships to protect our fish and wildlife heritage and to keep providing good opportunities to Idaho’s hunters and anglers. It’s a challenge I take very seriously.”

The Commission chose Groen from a field of five well-qualified candidates that included two other Fish and Game employees

“We felt like Cal is the man for the hour at Fish and Game,” Commission Chairman Cameron Wheeler said. “He has a wealth of experience, his background, knowledge, and his sense of the Department’s history will be a great asset. Cal Groen fits what we need and expect from a leader.”

Groen replaces former Director Steve Huffaker who retired at the first of the year after leading the agency for nearly five years.

Before joining Fish and Game in 1990 Groen served as assistant director at wildlife agencies both in Washington, and Kansas.

Before becoming Region two supervisor, Groen served as chief of Fish and Game’s Natural Resources Policy Bureau. He also coordinated the Department’s Columbia River Policy.

Groen graduated in 1969 with B.S. degrees in political science and biology from Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. He also holds an M.S. degree in biology and fishery science from the University of South Dakota.

Groen and his wife Rebecca, have two grown children.






  1. Samantha Avatar

    how can I get a hold of Cal? does hee have a public E’mail address?


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