Idaho Elk Breeders on the Offense

Here is in interesting story, especially since Erin Miller posts to this forum.

Idaho Elk Breeders on the Offense. New West. By Bill Schneider

Previous story on Camo Day. Jan. 17.

Jan. 25, 2007 Update. Wild Bill has additional thoughts on this. Humane Society, Idaho Sportsmen, and Game Farmers: A Strange Affair. By Bill Schneider. New West.







  1. kt Avatar

    This is so pathetic.

    Why can’t people of diverse views that oppose something be seen as working together on the same issue?

    Can their fragile self images and shaky egos just not handle it?

    Is it such a colossal afront to his manliness and machismo that Mr. Turkey Hunter might be seen as opposing something that the Humane Society opposes, too?

    You know, I bet that at the same time Mr. Turkey Hunter is now letting himself be used to further the cause of the Elk CAFO operators, Mrs. Turkey Hunter is renewing her Humane Society membership. Why, Mr. and Mrs. Turkey Hunter might even have mailed out those nice Xmas cards a month or so bakc (those with the lion and lamb and stars and things on them all together) with HSUS return address labels … Is he gonna get a divorce because of that?

    Quit being used by the Sportsmen for Hate and the Elk CAFOs and the Ag Industry in Idaho to promote divisions. Work together to end canned hunts.

  2. Mike Post Avatar
    Mike Post

    There is nothing wrong with agreeing with HUSA. They can’t be wrong 100% of the time and the way to coopt some of their usually insane positions is to acknowledge when they are right. This kind of political nightmare is just another issue to add to the list of reasons why any hunting (or fenced amateur slaughtering aka: game farming) other than “fair chase” is unethical and should be banned. Hunters need some ethical high ground in order to effectively argue for perservation of our hunting heritage.


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