Warnings of global warming. Al Gore brings his take on climate change to Boise today

This article in the Idaho Statesman by Rocky Barker is about Al Gore speaking to huge crowd in Boise today juxtaposed with weather events in Idaho over the last ten years and the views of some Idaho politicians.

Al Gore brings his take on climate change to Boise today. By Rocky Barker.

Related. CEOs ask Bush to back climate protection. By H. Josef Hebert. Associated Press Writer. Support for trying to do something about climate change is reaching new highs with mainstream business starting to get alarmed. There are rumors President Bush will propose some real moves in that direction in his State of the Union address, if only to try to save his failing presidency.






  1. Demarcatedlandscapes Avatar

    Oh great, Larry Craig wants to “err on the side of safety” by building nuclear power plants and mocking efforts by people like Gore to limit carbon production. Thanks a lot, Senator Craig, for your contribution.

  2. kt Avatar

    Yes, and Larry Craig’s comment that “the Al Gore’s of the world will come and go”. It is time that Larry Craig, goes back to the donut shop in Weiser from whence he came. Craig’s legacy is going to be the destruction of forests and wild lands. He has likely done more to put in place policies that promote global warming – certainly he has done more to promote logging and cattle destruction of public lands – as any other politican I can think of.
    It’s time for environmentalists to develop a “global warming villain” rating for politicians. And take into full account the role of livestock (both public lands grazing and industrial cattle production and the desertificatio, de-watering and greenhouse gases they cause) that Craig adores.

    Who would be the Big Bad Four, say, of U.S. Senators who are propelling the planet on a path of No Return? And no, I don’t believe that Craig’s promotion of nuclear energy is a “solution”.

    Today’s Statesman has another shallow article …

  3. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Here is a link to the article in the Idaho Statesman.

    Gore charms, daunts crowd of 10,000 at Taco Bell Arena. By Anne Wallace Allen. Idaho Statesman

  4. matt bullard Avatar
    matt bullard

    I thought today’s article in the Statesman was pretty bad. No mention of the day-long conference that tried to provide some meaningful solutions. No mention of the Idaho specific impacts we are *already* seeing that the former V.P. mentioned prominently throughout his speech. No mention of our former Governor’s ill-informed stance on the science of global warming that Mr. Gore presented to the audience. But at least there was prominent mention of the six (6!!!!) protesters gathered outside the arena and the one person who left half way through the speech. And the only person they could find in the 10,000+ in attendance that was moved to action said she was going to go home and recycle.

    I can only hope that the Statesman has bigger plans for a more in-depth piece by Rocky Barker later in the week that fills in some of the gaps.

  5. Mike Avatar

    I hope Al runs for president. I think he’s set himself up for it rather well.

  6. jestering Avatar

    Just dem’s propaganda…. there’s no evidence that humans could really ever think to change climate!

    Reply to this post, if you ever can

  7. Conner Gibbons Avatar
    Conner Gibbons

    Dear Mr Gore my class has watched yr video the inconvienient truth. I was very startled by this film and could’nt believe how drasticly our world is goin to change if the way we live does not change. When we finished your movie i researched more about global warming and actually went out and bought yr movie. Since your video i was extremly motivated so i have innvolved my class is a Global warming month, we are all reseching and learning more. Sooon we will be envolving our hole shcool, so i thank u for the awerness of global worming Sincerly ,a woried human bien


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