Gore Sells Out Idaho's 10,000 Seat Taco Bell Arena "Faster Than Elton John"…

This is from the Huffington Post on Al Gore’s talk in Boise.

This is perhaps a bit more balanced than the Idaho Statesman? Anyway that’s why blogs have grown. People want more news and all sides of the news. We were not getting it from the corporate media.

. . . and here is more Gore chants, Craig Rants. Boise Weekly.







  1. Rick Hammel Avatar
    Rick Hammel

    A very different article. And refreshing. The comments at the end were quite interesting also. Gore in ’08? We will have to wait until the Denver convention to see if Al even appears. Can he be drafted in abstencia?

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar
    Ralph Maughan

    In principle a party convention can draft a candidate. It used to actually happen. Since 1952, there hasn’t even been more than one balloting for president at a convention.

    So Gore’s chances are nil. Someone will have the delegates wrapped up before the Denver convention, and the same with the Republicans.


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