Zimo: Support for canned hunts is really scary

Pete Zimowsky has written the hunting and fishing column for years at the Idaho Statesman. Recently he opined against shooting elk in a pen and calling it hunting. Zimo got hit from a web site where they think shooting caged animals is hunting.

Zimo: Support for canned hunts is really scary. Idaho Statesman.

I checked out this “Nuge” guy’s web site. . . . fascist.






  1. Alan Gregory Avatar

    I was reading Pete’s stuff in the late 70s. He’s been around and knows quite well how to sniff out the BS from the legit. If anything, he’s too kind in this column.

  2. be Avatar

    yes, nugent’s website is enough to make… well…

  3. kt Avatar

    One of the NRA’s finest. Here’s a piece at the Huffingtonpost:


    An NRA Board meember, and he likes the confederate flag, too … What a spokesman for the Canned Hunt Movement. Why, is it, too, that the Wolf Haters Rally here in Boise sported anti-immigrant messages, Nugent likes the Confederacy? This all is confirming some thoughts I’ve long had about a lot of this all being tied together with a particular Good Ol Boy mindset.

  4. Mike Post Avatar
    Mike Post

    Ted owns a canned hunt ranch…is it a surprise that he supports this travesty? He makes more money now off the ranch and his lecture/non-music appearances than off his music. In my experience, extremists beget extremists. Every PETA person is going to give birth to a Nugent, and visa versa. The majority of rational Americans and the wildlife would be better off without either.

  5. James McCarty Avatar
    James McCarty

    I’ve never liked Pete and his make Wild Places teaming with thousands of people articles! But I do agree with him this time, all Elk ranching and High fence Hunting should be shut down in Idaho.

  6. Jordan Avatar

    Just read a comment by an elk farmer named Dave Miller (Wild Idaho News, Jan 1 2007 edition) who stated at an Idaho Fish & Game Dept meeting in Jerome in December:

    “Shooter bull operations and the supporting of elk farm industry is needed to continue a viable hunting opportunity for Idaho sportsmen due to the continued decline of Idaho’s big game herds. We need these shooter operations because the wolves will have killed and eaten most of the big game herds in the next ten to 15 years. We will be the only opportunity left.”

    The article, written by Douglas J. Schleis, goes on to say: “IDFG survey of deer and elk populations show the herds CONTINUE AT NEAR 20 YEAR HIGHS.”

    Obviously, people like Dave Miller don’t escape their penned elk enclosure life to see that there are PLENTY OF WILD ELK. We don’t need pathetic captive elk standing around like calves in a feedlot, waiting their turn for slaughter.

  7. Slow Elk Poacher Avatar
    Slow Elk Poacher

    Dave Miller has what I call the “Herd Mentality”. There are quite a few folks like that in Idaho, unfortunately.

  8. jordan Avatar

    Re. Dave Miller’s captive elk prison near Jerome. Is there someone who might take a visit and give the rest of us a photo of what elk farmin’ is about. Maybe chat with Dave and his woman who used to post on this here chat?

    We’ve had some real rascals post at this blog from time-to-time, it seems.



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