New Idaho bill would keep wolf permits below $10

A bill in the Idaho Legislature would reduce the recent $26.50 per wolf tag set by the Fish and Game Commission to $9.75. My guess that will have no effect on the number of wolves killed, but is another signal to the outside world the Idaho legislators don’t like wolves. A co-sponsor of the bill is a former Fish and Game Comissioner, Fred Wood, Republican of Burley, Idaho.

Here is the story from the Magic Valley Times-News. By Jared S. Hopkins. Times-News writer

And that is what is mostly going on here . . . Idaho politicians giving folks the finger under the belief that the average wolf supporter is as one person put it “a wine-drinking, lawyer from New York City.”



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  1. Jon Way Avatar

    How many mt. lions are killed per year in Idaho – maybe 500. That means the state makes only $5000 for letting the lions get killed. Some groups should write the state a check for twice that amount to not hunt them. See if they will listen. Probably not.

  2. Slow Elk Poacher Avatar
    Slow Elk Poacher

    I suggest the easiest way to solve this conflict is to transfer a few packs of wolves to the remotest territory in Burley.

    Also, I suggest, that anyone that is against the hunting of wolves to put in for a permit. 10.00 is nothing. Even if half the people that land them are for the wolves, this will keep the MORmON population from killing them off of lands they don’t live around.

  3. be Avatar

    i was thinking about putting in for tags and then tearing them up… that might be a good idea… the ironic thing about these low priced tags was watching the commission complain about how the wolves aren’t going to pull their own weight financially (the “kinda like women’s sports” comment). i’m thinking an economics 101 class at the commission might be in order.

    if you set the price for a permit so low to show off your wolf-hatin’ ways guys, the income generated is not going to cover the costs of managment – who woulda thought?

  4. Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    “i was thinking about putting in for tags and then tearing them up… that might be a good idea”

    Maybe it would be a good idea the first year until they realize they didn’t harvest enough Wolves.

    The following year the Wolf tags may be included in the Sportmans package.

  5. Mike S. Avatar
    Mike S.

    “I suggest the easiest way to solve this conflict is to transfer a few packs of wolves to the remotest territory in Burley”

    How about Central Park, New York or the Finger lakes Region?

    Why not New Jersey or anywhere back east that they have a residential deer population problem?

  6. Slow Elk Poacher Avatar
    Slow Elk Poacher

    Actually, they have reintroduced the red wolves in certain areas of the northeast. Although, they tend to be a redwolf & coyote hybrid, from my understanding.

    And I agree with you that they should be reintroduced on more broader scale. It would cut back the insane amount of white tails that are ravaging the areas back there.

  7. Rob-S Avatar

    Hey! I’ll put in $50 and get five tags. They would make a nice coat and hat. There may be enough left over to place down on the carpet.

  8. Peter Kiermeier Avatar

    Think everybody was eagerly waiting for Rob-S´s comment, refreshing as always. What kept you busy?

  9. Slow Elk Poacher Avatar
    Slow Elk Poacher

    The goal would be to grab enough tags, and tear them up while Butchy the Ass Otter is either recalled in 2 years, or dies from a wolf attack while hunting one.

  10. Zen Avatar

    I’d like to buy enough tags to make some nice patches for my Levi Jacket.

    That would be hilarious Mr. Slow Elk Poacher.

  11. jordan Avatar

    Is it true that Governor Butcher Otter will demand to stage a “canned” wolf hunt on a blocked off Boise street for the benefit of his buddies in the anti-predator lobby? That way he’s sure to get the FIRST wolf shot, won’t have to sweat and his hair-do will be salon-perfect for TV media.

  12. josh sutherland Avatar
    josh sutherland

    I wish educated people would put comments on here. The wolf tags are not to generate money but control the population. People just need to understand the relationship between predators and prey.

  13. Alex Avatar

    Thank You


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