Poachers making a killing in West's oil, gas fields

Poachers are running amuck in the West’s “oil patches,” and all we hear about are loser hunters who blame wolves.

What the hell is wrong with these peabrains? They never see the real threat. It might also be that the media facilitates their tales, but I’m only half convinced of that argument

Story in USA Today.



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  1. Denise Johnson Avatar
    Denise Johnson

    And they take the wolf to court. Over and over… Now whin about poachers that have been doing this for years. Hello, have they ever had a clue. Oh, yes and the numbers.
    We can control the wildlife.
    That’s it! Just whin about the poachers…

  2. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    Its what I’ve said a number of times, if we could cut poaching by half we would have to chase deer and elk off our front porches with a broom. And contrary to what the article says the black market in meat is probably bigger than the horn industry, its just harder to track.


Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University. He was a Western Watersheds Project Board Member off and on for many years, and was also its President for several years. For a long time he produced Ralph Maughan’s Wolf Report. He was a founder of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. He and Jackie Johnson Maughan wrote three editions of “Hiking Idaho.” He also wrote “Beyond the Tetons” and “Backpacking Wyoming’s Teton and Washakie Wilderness.” He created and is the administrator of The Wildlife News.

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