Cool photos of wolves taking down an Isle Royale moose

Ted Williams put this link on his blog.

Since then folks have been circulating them around the Internet. I got them by email described as the Bitterroot Valley, Montana. Ah the Internet, rumor mill.







  1. John Avatar

    These are some amazing Photos. While it took 40 minutes to finally take down the Moose for good,the wolves persisted. The wolves tactics and tenacity are amazing.They show how able they are to make even the largest game animals to sucumb.I read the whole story by John Vucetich the Biologist that witnessed this event at

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    There is a more recent post on the Isle Royale moose and the wolves — both the victims of unusually warm summers, but not in the same or a direct way.

    Slim Pickings for wolves in Isle Royale.


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