From Yellowstone, Kathie Lynch finally has some new news about injured Druid 302M and injured Agate alpha male 113M as well.  I know folks have been checking this web page for news. Here it is:

Druid 302M was seen today (Feb. 22)! Despite his rear leg injury, he was able to move at a run and was within a mile of the rest of the Druid Peak pack. Darkness fell before we could see a reunion, but the small group of wolf watchers awaiting his return was thrilled just to be able to see his tracks (and they were big!) in the snow.

And, here’s some good news for fans of Agate 113M too! On Feb. 21 he was with the rest of the Agate pack, looking happy and as healthy as an almost 10-year-old wolf with an injured left rear leg can look. He was able to run without a limp and keep up with the rest of the pack. His pups mobbed him joyfully with wagging tails all around; his former mate, 472F, trotted next to him; and, his son, acting alpha 383M, stood faithfully by his side.

Every image of these two noble old-timers will be etched in my memory forever.

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10 Responses to Kathie Lynch has news about two favorite Yellowstone wolves

  1. avatar Jan says:

    Thank you for this update! It’s about 1:30AM here on the East Coast, but I’m smilin’ & ready to celebrate!
    Bless you!

  2. avatar brigitte dighello says:

    truly are relieved that they are doing better,and that they are back where they belong,thanks for the info bless you all. bridgette

  3. avatar Brooke says:


  4. avatar Sue Reigle says:

    I too am here on the East Coast (tho it’s not 1:30 a.m.!!) and what a great way to start off my morning, knowing for now anyway that these majestic creatures are doing o.k. Thanks Kathie for your dedication and patience and reporting, etc.!!

  5. avatar Nancy Sharpe says:

    GREAT NEWS about two old friends…thank you, Kathie, for your excellent updates…as an arm chair wolf watcher in Ma.,I absolutely enjoy and always look forward to your reports…

  6. avatar Joyce says:

    I just love a happy ending! Glad to hear the 2 males are again running. Amazing what they can overcome. Joyce

  7. Kathie, the whole world has been waiting! Thanks so much for the update. Been on pins and needles!
    Keep up your great work.

  8. avatar Fran says:

    Kathie, thanks for the news. My next trip to Lamar is in May and hopefully 302M will be with his pack and able to hunt. Your reports are great, keep them coming.


  9. avatar Kirk Waggoner says:

    Thanks so much for the update. We saw 302M on Feb 17 as many did. We could see the injury to his hind leg. He was alone and having a lot of trouble in the deeper snow. We watched him try to feed on a depleted carcass and knew he wasn’t geting much nutrition. We were very worried. Now relieved.

  10. avatar debbie in key largo says:

    that is wonderful news
    thanks for the update


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