Ex-Forest Service chief backs most of Clinton-era `roadless rule'

Now that Dale Bosworth is a free man, but no longer a person with authority as when he was Bush’s Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, he tells us that he basically supported President’s Clinton’s national forest roadless area protection role, not Bush’s.

I can only hope he did his best to sabotage the Bush rule from within.

Read: Ex-Forest Service chief backs most of Clinton-era `roadless rule’. By Martin Griffith. AP in the Las Vegas Sun.



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  1. kt Avatar

    THIS is what is scary about the Bosworth article;

    “In December, new agreements between the foundation, Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management cleared the way for habitat improvement projects on nearly 260,000 acres in Montana and Wyoming”.

    The agreements draw on a mechanism called a “stewardship agreement,” authorized by Congress a few years ago. The foundation will serve as a contractor arranging habitat work, and funding will come from the federal sale of wood products”.

    This means, essentially, we’ll be killing trees to “farm” public lands for cows and elk.

    It also will make the whole process less transparent …

    AND I am betting RMEF will get a 5% or 10% or so cut of tax dollars off the top – for “administration” of the tree killing/elk farming projects. There is no need for RMEF fiddling with Contracts. It is a step towards privatization …

  2. Denise Johnson Avatar
    Denise Johnson

    They need to look up the term stewardship!!!
    Isn’t it enough that wildfires destroy entire landscapes every summer and nature provides the habitat.
    We need to get big business out!


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