This has been an international issue — the proposal to open this bear congregation are (during salmon spawning) to hunting.

I posted an earlier article on this.

Most recent story  KTUU TV. Alaska.

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3 Responses to Alaska Board of Game now deliberating whether to hunt grizzlies at McNeil Falls

  1. Alan Sachanowski says:

    People who want to find out what they can do to help can go to:

  2. Rusty Williams says:

    Yet another reason my wife and I will refrain from visiting Alaska. Guess they also are in need of a regime change. Maybe you’ll be able to shot them from a helicopter. I found the web cam last year at National Geographic (I believe that is where it was) maybe we’ll get to watch.

  3. Saw on the DEFENDERS site today, that the area will remain protected. News almost too good to believe.


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