This story is from the Spokane Spokesman Review.  Was there extra security at the other delisting meetings.

Link to “Extra Security Planned.”  By James Hagengruber.

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4 Responses to Extra security planned for Spokane meeting on wolves

  1. matt bullard says:

    There were two uniformed Boise Police Officer at the hearing here in Boise.

  2. kt says:

    Yes, I saw the two uniformed police officers, too.

    The Boise meeting was, really, a model of civility. There really wasn’t much cheering except a little bit toward the very end, and NO jeering. People were serious and concerned. FWS ran the meeting well. Bob Williams, the Reno FWS head, has sort of a calm demeanor kind of guy, and did a good job.

    The people that testified, too, were often extraordinarily polite, thanking FWS for holding the meeting.

    Towards the very end, there was a bit of thin applause a time or two when an anti-wolf person (they were greatly unnumbered in testimony) spoke. I really wish The Statesman would have reported on the diversity of people of all types who spoke up for wolves and against de-listing, four or five to one overwhelming support for wolves in Boise, and against de-listing under the current regimes.

  3. kt says:

    One thought on the Spokane situation: It is the closest meeting location to the Idaho Panhandle, where gun nuttiness, and all the white supremacist stuff of the 90s, may still indeed fester to some extent.

    And my preceding comment: In Boise, Bob Williams ran the evening Comment Session meeting, sitting in front of the room flanked by Gary Burton and Jeff Foss from Boise FWS office. It was very calm and sober. Ed Bangs ran the afternoon session, and he has a lively personality, and basically gave a brief presentation (the Powerpoint on FWS Website), and then fielded questions. The Bang’s question sessions, too, were models of audience civility.

  4. Eric T. says:

    Curious as to the impending lawsuits to be filed by various groups opposing delisting. Two questions:
    1) How will they file? Will one group lead the charge with the rest at their flanks? All band together and file together? File several suits concurrently?
    2) Do attorneys for the groups filing work pro bono, a reduced rate, or their normal rates?


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