State wants helicopters to rescue wolf-kill program. BEHIND SCHEDULE: Fuel costs, bad weather leave [“biologists”] far short of goal to kill 382 wolves. By Alex deMarban.
Anchorage Daily News.

With the state’s wolf-kill program severely behind schedule — costly fuel and uncooperative weather have grounded many volunteer pilots and gunners — game managers want state helicopters to come to the rescue.

What sorry news.  😉    May the weather remain bad and fuel costs rise higher.

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Ralph Maughan

Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University. He was a Western Watersheds Project Board Member off and on for many years, and was also its President for several years. For a long time he produced Ralph Maughan's Wolf Report. He was a founder of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. He and Jackie Johnson Maughan wrote three editions of "Hiking Idaho." He also wrote "Beyond the Tetons" and "Backpacking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness." He created and is the administrator of The Wildlife News.

21 Responses to Alaska wants helicopters to rescue wolf-kill program

  1. Moose says:

    Ralph, a bit off topic, and I apologize.

    I encourage folks to visit the Isle Royale Wolf/Moose web site.

    This year’s moose count shows a continued drop in moose numbers – unprecedented in the years since wolf/moose relationships have been under study there. Moose #s are down to under 400 (were over a 1,000 in 2002). Wolf numbers have also dropped from 30 to 21. See attached article –

    Unseasonably warm weather and tick infestations are blamed for the drop in moose. Fascinating stuff. Thanks

    Thanks for putting it up. I saw the story, meant to post it, but lacked the time. Ralph

  2. elkhunter says:

    May the weather become better, and fuel cost low.

  3. skyrim says:

    Feel better now Elkhunter? Sheeesh!

  4. elkhunter says:

    Not really. I am sure that the biologists in AK know what they are doing. And if they feel they need to cut back populations in one area. Then they probably should. If you think you know more than they do, apply for a job up there and go help. Thanks skyrim.


  5. chris says:

    The biologists in AK do know what they are doing:
    pursuing single species management, ignoring widespread opposition from the Alaskan public, using dubious science, and spending as much money as possible.

  6. Like other states, it’s not the “biologists.” It’s the Alaska Board of Game behind the matter.

  7. elkhunter says:

    I would bet that they rely on data from the bilogists. I really doubt they just woke up one day and said, “Lets go kill 400 wolves for the hell of it!” Ralph do you really honestly think thats what they do. They are probably scared to death about even managing wolves, because everytime they do anything an uproar is caused and all these “experts” give them advice. We should just let them do their jobs.

  8. kt says:

    Elkhunter sounds like he has not had much experience with how, exactly, most western game departments handle game mgmt.

    I’ve never heard such a bunch of whining, sniveling, complaining from grown men as occurs at a Fish and Game Commission mtg over even MINOR changes in seasons, weaponry, etc. In Idaho, not only is the Commission – who votes on seaons, limits, etc. – comprised of complete and total Good Old Boys, nearly every one has a tie to ranching.

    In the case of a politically shackled department like Idaho, decisions by Game Commissions (such as the illustrious current ID Commission) are not always made with biology in mind.

    Moreover, those who get to be “Big Game Biologists/Managers”/whatever in western states, too, know which side their bread is butttered on, and have to throw enough dead big heads tag sales out there, or they may find themselves not in that position, too.

    The whole system – as in Idaho – is broken. Governor-appointed wolf-hating Commissioners. Biologists who have to, for a large extent, tiptoe along a political line.

    AND, local IDFG office biologists are so scared of stepping out of line, most of them provide few if any comments on awful BLM or Forest actions. Lest the Cattlemen, or somebody, complain to the Governor …

    I really think there needs to be some kind of ballot or other intitiave to change thisbroken sstem, and emove the stench of politics that now controls “game” decisions.

  9. “Game management” in America is broken, and a broader based, less political system needs to be instituted.

  10. Wolfen says:

    I will just put my two cents in for whatever its worth. Not only are they whining, , sniveling, complaining grown men but they are in very good company with the wolf advocates who whine, snivel, and complain as much if not more when things do not go their way!!!

  11. kt says:

    ah, but the sniveling hunters are sniveling because they want to CONTROL/kill wolves – for a kind of personal aggrandizement, and/or out of a sense of greedy hunting entitlement of easy-to-get elk and/or some deep sense of insecurity and fear of the wild. it’s pathetic, and you know it is.

  12. elkhunter says:


    And you whine, snivel and complain and sue if things dont go your way. Its a two-sided battle KT. You should know that. We have our agenda, you have yours. It has nothing to do with an easy hunt. If you think its so easy come on our 8 mile backpack elk hunt this year to CO and then proceed to tell me how easy it is. KT just as you think that because we have concerns about our wildlife, we think it is just as pathetic to waste so much time, energy, millions and millions of dollars, and more millions of dollars for 700 wolves. Thats pathetic. They were not needed in the first place. I live in UT and we are doin just fine without wolves. I bet ID was the same way before wolves. And we will win, you know that, and thats why your mad.


  13. chris says:

    “And we will win, you know that, and thats why your mad”. A psychiatrist would have a field day with this quote.

  14. be says:

    the millions spent on wolves has more to do with livestock’s ability to snap their fingers and get FWS to drop tens of thousands of dollars (each trip) to bring their gun choppers out to kill wolves

  15. elkhunter says:

    I know it would be alot easier if we just didnt have them. BE I have a question, knowing what you know now, and all the things that have happened, all the drama, fighting, problems, money spent. Would you do it all over again to introduce wolves to ID?

  16. Dave says:

    Update from Alaska: Now there is a $150 BOUNTY for a dead wolf. This is the answer that the new governor arrived at exactly what extreme groups like Alaska Outdoor Council wanted all along. The new AK governor said the $150 will help the people who “need it most”. This is rediculous.

    The Alaska wolf kill program was sold to Alaskans 3 years ago by telling us that people in McGrath were essentially starving due to a lack of moose. Instead it was poor decisions made by the Alaska Game Board who cater to the guides and their out of state clients. The same hunters who can’t even fly 75% moose meat out of the state when they leave and really only want a CAPE. Check out who killed the majority of moose in 2/5 areas in Alaska where wolf killing is going on during the past 10 years. It is also wealthy people flying $100,000 airplanes who are carrying out this killing and they are now the ones going to get the BOUNTY. If a person is starving yet they own a 100K Supercub they have a problem.

    The Alaska Wolf program is in my opinion an example of everything wrong with wildlife managment. It is also a good example as to how extreme groups can mislead the general public.

  17. Pommawolf says:

    Ralph Maughan,
    Is a man that has traveled from every reintroduction sight after another in the lower 48, and now that he has found sympathy with those of you, he has found his element.
    I pity and and pray for you. Those of any background learns thru change. If you can’t learn thru change…waaaa….Ralph is a man possessed in and forvever on a killing spree for the wolf , and sadly he’s a man on a mission in Alaska. Lets kill it all. THEN WHATS YOUR EXCUSE?????
    WAKE UP.
    Where do you think your ancestors learned it from? HUMAN’S LEARNED TO HUNT FROM THE WOLVES.
    Do you seriously want your great grandchildren knowing that you have been part of the extinction of the wolves?

    Starving my sorry ass. Like he is he is “starving???” and what ever sorry excuse his preaching is not unlike a commericial.., ARE YOU KIDDING? He thrives off you listening, BELIEVING his bullcrap. I know you aren’t stupid. I know deep in my heart that your smarter than that. Aren’t you?? Please tell me you are…
    You all have a sorry excuze if you listen to this man. , and all that mans bs. , and means you can’t learn from a man’s hate. yOUR ARE DOOMED TO STAND ALONE.
    This is 2007. . You can whine to your fellow whining friends. Whoa is me. I can’t kill so I will die. To those that sit on your collective asses whining..”oh, poor me.. if I can’t kill it, torture it and prove that I can kill a wolf, bear and any thing that has a better survivior skill than my own… then I ain’t a man’ to my whining friends” then I am an idiot and I cant learn anything.
    Frankly…more than anything, we that pay federal taxes. and even those those that whine about their taxes…..WOULD PERFER TO PAY FOR WELFARE & FOODSTAMPS than to have you ALL killing ANY ENDANGERED ANIMALS (PREDATORS). By the way…

    Did any of you know that only 3% of the total FEDERAL budget is ever used for FOODSTAMPS & WELFARE?? So where and the hell are the rest of your taxes spent??
    The federal dollars and any and all taxes end up going to the “WAR EFFORT”. In stead of asking why I can kill the animals. ask where in the hell are my taxes are going?????
    Sounds good to you??…Sounds good to me.??

    Bring it on those that seek the sorry excuse of blaming the wolf for your survival.
    Honey, more moose are killed by cars and train in ALASKA, than any of you believers of “THE I’M SMARTER THAN GOD RALPH” wolf could “CONCEIVE TO HUNT TO EXTINCTION”. within OUR LIFETIME.” And wiping them out off the palnet is Ralph s goal.
    The wolves are the teachers, nurturer’s and the best siblings God would ever bestow upon the planet”

    I am not making insults to anyone, but bowing my head in honor to those that have earned the hard earned battle of survival. Sorry, but it isn’t at the end of a gun barrel. I am a gun owner and shooter. If it isn’t attacking or shooting… it rest in the barrel. As a knod of respect is most earned, not killing it BECAUSE I CAN….
    If you can respet wild life… have no business being here.
    Ralph has been leading you thru an excuse of slaughter. A cop out, a lie. He kills, and he is driven thru you all that support him.
    This man has been allowed through the Fish and Game Deptment to express his “PERSONAL” perception to vocalize his personal “opinion” about any reintroduction area. And I’m sorry to tell you, Killing off your preceived predators, is not going to bring food, but a worthless trophy around your neck.
    And we are losing the precious wildlife we have left every single day.
    For what you blame for your very survival…when you kill just because you can thru your belief that it takes away from you and yours… illegally…you rob from your future generations….
    If you preceive the wolf as your threat to your very survival then you need to stop, think, and teach those out here in the concrete jungle that the life of the grizz, the wolf and every single animal that you have ever taken for your survival. For what you take, you shall return to God’s garden, and not thru your own preconceived notions…but thru your lies as well. I’m angry, and I WANT the Wolves to exist in my world.

  18. Sometimes there are unusual posts.

    I can’t quite figure this one out??!?

  19. JEFF E says:

    sounds like a case of beer and 1/2 oz. of reefer madness

  20. Chris H. says:

    “oh death where is thy sting?” Maybe the “shrub” is off the wagon again and posing as Pomma…

  21. wezy says:

    It simply comes down to this:

    Humans are killing because they want to control everything. Now they are trying to control nature. God meant for the wolves to be here and to breed and to kill for food as many other animals do. This is natural. It is NOT natural for humans to kill just to try to control what is happening naturally. No one creature (including humans) should have the right to kill another living thing unless it is necessary for their survival. Instead of killing the wolves to make more moose and elk, maybe the focus should be on controlled breeding of moose and elk to increase the population so that no animals have to die. Oh, but that would take more effort wouldn’t it. It’s easier just to kill something that is in the way. So, if this behavior is “acceptable”, then that must mean next time I am stuck in traffic it’s ok to just kill everyone in front of me and be on my way. I know that some of you don’t think of an animals life is as valuable as a humans, but many of us do. God created all creatures and we all deserve to live. Animals are not just disposable. Imagine if there were none?


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