Gore’s testimony before Congress greeted warmly by some members, coolly by others

Al Gore has just finishing testifying before Congress on global warming.  He got mixed, but generally warm reception with a few strong dissenters among Republicans. Story in The Hill.com.

Gore’s testimony greeted warmly by some members, coolly by others. By Kelly McCormack

Gore’s actual testimony (YouTube).






  1. MikeH Avatar

    There are clips floating around of Boxer putting Inhofe in his place.

    Here’s one:


  2. skyrim Avatar

    Great clip! Hastert was trying to paint Gore as the Hollywood Left with the portrait of “movie star”. Gore’s reply “Rin Tin Tin was a movie star, I’m just a guy with a slide show” Perfect! Go home Dennis. The party’s over for you.

  3. Monty Avatar

    Inhofe’s attempt to put Gore down was “grade school” tactics. Inhofe attacked Gore for being excessive in his personal household energy consumption which has nothing to do with proving or disproving human caused global climate change which was the primary topic of the hearing. Inhofe appears to be full of anger & a “block head” to boot.


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