Idaho shooters target National Guard

This is amazing, and check out the quote from the rancher.

Idaho shooters target National Guard. By John Miller. AP







  1. skyrim Avatar

    Me thinks the rancher would be far less forgiving if he caught someone in the act of shooting his livestock.
    Idaho coming in at #3 in growth, ay?
    Sincere apologies to you folks living there.

  2. kim Avatar

    funnny he DOES lose cattle each year to them, and doesnt see to have a problem, I wonder his stance if just a wolf got one,,

  3. Trout Underground Avatar

    Support the Troops, eh?

    I’ve gotta believe the rancher quote is out of context; “I just shot one of your cows” would not be followed by “you’ve got a right to be here.”

    As a fly fisher who has twice heard bullets whistling overhead while fishing, I can safely say there are still some improvements to be made in gun safety…

  4. Denise Johnson Avatar
    Denise Johnson

    BIZARRE…beyond belief, boggles the mind!

  5. MikeH Avatar

    Hopefully those “people” can’t reproduce.

  6. Moose Avatar

    “There’s a segment of the shooting community that will shoot at anything that moves,” said John Sullivan”

    Or doesn’t move…considering all the road signs with bullet holes on the way to my cabin.

  7. Mike Wolf Avatar

    As an Idaho resident (N. Idaho in my case) I’m very happy to see this story; but very upset that it was quickly buried on Yahoo News.

    I particularly liked the quote from the rancher. I too wonder what his stance is on wolves. Perhaps I should contact him and find out.

    Anyway, Idahoans do love their guns, and their ATVs, and motorcycles, and snowmobiles, and lifted four-bys, and anything else highly efficient at disrupting some of the most pristine undisturbed lands in the lower 48 states of the United States. I just can’t imagine what it would be like if people in this state had respect, in general, for wildlands and wildlife; not to mention the rights of people like me to enjoy them.

    In a state where shooting at the National Guard is acceptable, is it a wonder why people like me worry about Idaho having management of wolves?

  8. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    My advice to the Idaho National Guard is that it start loading up the .50 calibre machine guns and start sending a lot of rounds–preferably tracer rounds–downrange toward the “shooters.” That might solve the problem.

  9. Brooke Avatar

    Wow, that’s insane. Something should be said about a wolf’s right to use the land too.

  10. Steve Avatar

    There is always so much outrage from hunters whenever there are any talks of limiting hunting area and or type of gun they can use. Where is the outrage about this? This should be a national news story!!!

  11. Alan Gregory Avatar

    Some guys have way too much time on their hands. Way too much. Maybe the Guard commanders should come up with new rules of engagement.

  12. Wolfen Avatar

    This story is about people out having fun shooting but of all things, shooting at National Gaurd Armory. I guess I am not surprised that you folks will jump at any chance to attack the comments of a rancher even though they are complementing others rights and priviledges to use the land also. Wolves were not even mentioned in this article. Too bad you are all so distracted by the word ‘rancher’ instead of sticking to the point that this article is presenting. Maybe you would do more good if you place blame where it belongs….those violating the law shooting at armory. Most ranchers are not bad people, just that you folks have this preconceived picture because of the conflicts between wolves and livestock! Lets stick to the real storyline this article is presenting and not be sidetracked. The ‘blame’ the rancher story is getting real old.

  13. Howard Avatar

    Doesn’t firing on US military operations qualify as terrorism? Most of the idiot shooters probably aren’t doing it for political reasons—just because the tanks are THERE— but considering that the so much in American politics is now undertaken in the name of national security, you’d think something like this would be treated as an extraordinarily “big deal”.

    As far as the rancher goes, I have to believe that his quote was taken radically out of context by the article. I cannot believe that any rancher (or any person of any kind losing their property to vandals) would shrug off thugs destroying his livestock as “their right”.

  14. Wolfen Avatar

    If you read the article correctly the rancher did not say they have a right to destroy his livestock. The rancher said they have as much right to public land as he or anyone else does. That is a huge difference in the rancher’s statement and Howards statement. Regardless, I believe this ranchers statement is genuine.

  15. Brooke Avatar

    It’s not that we believe ranchers are “evil.” It just seems really unnatural for him to be so nonchalant about this vandalism. It’s hard to believe that he could take this attitude. Like Howard has said, it was probably taken out of context. But if it were wolves, would it have been taken so lightly? Anything taken out of context then would most likely be negative.

  16. Wolfen Avatar

    It may be unnatural for most ranchers but there are ranchers who do care more about wildlife than the loss of several cattle to wolves or other predators. Ralph has posted several articles about some ranchers who are learning to deal with wolves and using methods to haze wolves away other than killing them. This does not mean that this rancher is the typical as you suspect. Maybe he is the type that cares for wildlife and wolves. Who knows and why pass judgement especially since the main point of this article is about the slobs who have no respect for federal property and probably life, not about whether this rancher’s comments are unnatural or not.

  17. Ralph Maughan Avatar
    Ralph Maughan

    I’ve got to wonder how well researched the entire article was.

  18. Brooke Avatar

    I see your point, Wolfen. Thank you.

  19. Michael Wolf Avatar

    Wolfen: The “blame the rancher” issue will never go away; for it was ranchers who prompted and caused and perpetrated the extirpation of wolves from their former habitat in the United States.


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