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The amount is so small it is a total insult, but they even break it down into sub-categories to try to impress us. 😡

Story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Cash to offset boom? Critics say it’s not enough to alleviate drilling damage. By Cory Hatch

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5 Responses to Kempthorne offers 402K to offset energy impacts on Wyoming wildlife

  1. Alan Gregory says:

    This is a joke. Reminds me of mitigating wetlands lost to a shopping center development by installing a detention basin.

  2. TPageCO says:

    The part of this I find most irritating is that the funds are coming from the feds (us taxpayers), not from the companies trashing the place…

  3. Ecco says:

    Yep, sure 402k for the offset energy impack on the wildlife. Are you sure that is not a Joke, Cuz if it is you just got my hopes up and that was not funny.

  4. skyrim says:

    Well 402K is about all that will be left in the US Treasury after funding this stupid damn war.

  5. Here is the story in the Casper Star Tribune.

    They play it straight like it was $4 billion.

    Feds Accelerate Wildlife Work.”


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