"Step it up 2007" to be largest grassroots climate action to date. It's set for April 14

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Step it Up 2007” is planning thousands of local events across the United States. There are 13 events planned in Idaho. Here where at I write, Pocatello, Idaho, the mayor will give a speech at the festivities.

This will be a significant political event even though Bush won’t listen and many politicians in Congress and the states won’t either. I can see it has already generated new activists, and they are networking.







Dr. Ralph Maughan is professor emeritus of political science at Idaho State University. He was a Western Watersheds Project Board Member off and on for many years, and was also its President for several years. For a long time he produced Ralph Maughan’s Wolf Report. He was a founder of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. He and Jackie Johnson Maughan wrote three editions of “Hiking Idaho.” He also wrote “Beyond the Tetons” and “Backpacking Wyoming’s Teton and Washakie Wilderness.” He created and is the administrator of The Wildlife News.

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Ralph Maughan