Story in the LA Times. Climate change called a security threat. By Karen Kaplan and Thomas H. Maugh II, Times Staff Writer

It is a security threat. It’s a political threat too. You can trace Bush’s decline to the summer of 2005 when Katrina hit, although she only tipped over an edifiice that was already starting to crumble.

Does anyone want to take bets about the hurricane season this summer now that El Nino has dissipated. Will there be another Katrina and a similarly inept response?

How many forest fires in the West this summer? The heavy wood is very dry outside the Pacific Northwest?

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  1. avatar Denise Johnson says:

    Taking bets on the hurricane season ahey! Well I’ll bet you a Steak dinner at the Yellowstone Mine that there will be at least 9 major events. No, I’m not the great carnack, that’s what I heard they have predicted.
    I just wanted to add, (if you already don’t know) these issues have big effects. Three major insurance companies in Florida have isssued “non-renewal notices” to their policy holders. Allstate, Nationwide, and Travelers. The cancellations will be complete just as hurricane season begins. Early August. The cost to cover property has now reached astronomical prices. There are people moving because of this. And the governers office is working to get the problems resolved.

  2. avatar Mike Wolf says:

    From me personally:

    George Bush (the administration) is a Threat to National Security.

    9/11 proved that.


  3. avatar Mike Wolf says:

    Continued, since my hand slipped…

    Iraq continues to prove it.

    The economy and pullout of foreign investment proves it.

    The price of gas and accompanying oil company record profit levels continue to prove it (recall Bush giving BILLIONS to oil companies in corporate welfare to “stimulate the economy” – though I think he really meant stimulate THEIR economy.)


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