Rocky Mountain Front gas lease ban is working

So far just one place has been saved from all the gas development in the West. It’s the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana.

Story in the Great Falls Tribune. Rocky Mountain Front lease agreement starts something good.

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Here is the earlier story from Dec. 10, 2006. Rocky Mountain Front (MT) finally protected from oil and gas in massive catch-all bill

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  1. TPageCO Avatar

    If I recall correctly, Bush recently signed some bill that also removed the threat of leasing on 100,000 acres of the Valle Vidal in NM. Sen. Domenici switched from supporting drilling to opposing it, and then the bill moved pretty quick. So maybe there are two places…

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Yes, you’re right.

    I understand, however, that the Valle Vidal is being managed as some kind of public ranch, albeit one the public isn’t allowed to visit.

    I think the enabling legislation said it had to remain a “working ranch” even though it was purchased by the government.

    Someone might want to add the details.


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