Idaho grizzly bear shot near Tetonia did not have rabies

This story drew a lot of attention last weekend. Today the Pocatello, Idaho State Journal ran a story about how the grizzly bear did not have rabies.. The story quoted Scott MacButch of Pocatello who was there and owned the adjacent property. Neither he, nor the victim wanted the grizzly bear killed. The original story has now disappeared, but here is a short version. Officials defend decision to kill Idaho grizzly bear

I thought the notion that the bear might have rabies was absurd because the mauling was a classic grizzly bear defense of its meal (the winter-killed moose).

I have posted three earlier stories about the grizzly incident.

1st Tetonia, Idaho area man mauled near his home by a grizzly with a moose carcass

2nd E. Idaho neighbors disagree on response to grizzly bear attack

3rd Idaho Man who survived mauling by grizzly recounts ordeal (with April 15 update)

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  1. John Avatar

    It’s a tragedy that so much ignorance exists about grizzlies even in places where they exist. Must we kill every creature that crosses our path, and not think of alternatives first?? This bear was obviously not rabid or rogue, but was only doing what nature demanded of it, remove the threat and then carry on with its own business. That coupled with the fact that the victim himself, did not want the bear shot, makes the decision to kill it seem ludicrous, and cruel.

  2. Trout Underground Avatar

    The wildlife always loses when it interacts with humans, though in this case the justification seems even more tenuous than normal.

    I’d suggest the wildlife folks were simply covering their asses; is they pass on killing this grizzly, the next bear attack within a 200 mile radius would probably be blamed on them.

    You wonder if it would have been out of the question to tag this bear, track it, and kill it only if its movements suggested it was a threat…

  3. Rich Avatar

    I am not sure but I believe the Idahostatesman said Tetonia Griz was a male but some of the bloggers say it was a female. Also it was stated that Tetonia Griz was 15 years old which is not all that old as bears can live to 25 and even much older.

    Yes, it was a big male. webmaster

  4. Rich Avatar

    Rocky Barker from the Idaho Statesman is coming out with an article next week on the Tetonia Griz..I just found this out.

  5. Rich Avatar

    Thanks for the clarification on the bear being a male. I prefer to use a name for “the bear”,. Dont care what he is called but I am going with Tetonia Griz.


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