Ebola-like virus killing fish in Great Lakes

This sounds very serious. It could spread.

Ebola-like virus killing fish in Great Lakes. USA Today. By Dennis Cauchon.

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  1. Kalanu Avatar

    I’m never one to downplay these kinds of things, but looking at it with a critical eye, why has this story come out now? “Last year, it resulted in large fish kills that struck at least 20 species. Scientists are watching to see whether the disease returns in mid-May when water in the lakes warms to temperatures at which the virus attacks.”
    This is sort of year-old news. Why is is being revived today? I’m not saying we shouldn’t be afraid, but it seems like this is an attempt on the medias part to stir up fear when we won’t even know until mid-May whether this is happening this year…

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    I hadn’t heard about it and it was prominently featured in USA Today.

  3. Kalanu Avatar

    I hadn’t heard of it either. I was just wondering why it took the media so long to catch on, and what made them choose this week to run the story, other than it will be May soon.
    I’m glad they have caught on, anyway…


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