Accused by many of rewriting and manipulating scientific data on endangered species, the controversial MacDonald has resigned eight days before a Congressional oversight committee hearing on political interference by Bush Administration officials in scientific decisionmaking.

Story from Science Blogs. Julie MacDonald quits

Story from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Interior Official Who Censored Federal Scientists Resigns But Political Interference Remains a Serious Problem, Scientist Group Says.

My blog has a number of earlier stories about her that you can find using “search.”

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4 Responses to DOI Deputy Assistant Secretary Julie MacDonald resigns a week prior to her scheduled congressional testimony

  1. skyrim says:

    Another Monica Gooding looking for immunity here, me thinks. Does the fun never stop in this adminstration’s blunders? I tell ya, I’m having a hard time staying on top of them all. Is someone taking notes? There will be a giant trivia quiz somewhere down the road. They’ll call it “Six degrees of Karl Rove”

  2. It was a scandal a week, now it is two (of course, I am also counting things like the “D.C. Madam” who is releasing the contents of her Black Book).

  3. Oh my! Here is a related from today’s Denver Post.

    Interior battle stalls Colo. parks chief’s federal nomination:
    Lyle Laverty is caught by a US senator’s call for reform after an Interior official was accused of fudging endangered-species reports. By Jeremy P. Meyer. Denver Post Staff Writer.

  4. kt says:

    There are so many big scandals involving the Bush crooks unfolding that it is quite a funfest reading the papers and the Blogs these days.

    When the Bush regime is finally gone, each state or region needs to have its own specially appointed federal investigator that looks into more local-level malfeasance during the past several years – like connections between industry or politicians and all the contractors the federal agencies have hired under Bush Mgrs. — at the same time as they cut agency staff. I’d suggest they start with examining government contracts and contractors -l ike those responsible for the blithering nonsense in new BLM RMPs like the Pocatello Draft RMP and various fire planning documents.



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~ Edward Abbey

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