Local [Wyoming] predator boards get boost

In this article Jeff Gearino explains how the increasing funding will allow local predator boards to expand killing to more species — skunks, starlings, and ravens. Somehow these species are menacing soda ash production in Wyoming and are a threat to the Jackson Hole airport.

There are already killing a lot of coyotes from the air. Judging from this practice and buildup.

I can just see how they might be able to wipe out most of the wolves and grizzly bears even if they get just a short window by a judge.

 Local predator boards get boost. By Jeff Geario. Casper Star Tribune







  1. elkhunter Avatar

    Ralph, you know as well as I do that they will not fly around killing bears. You are going to the extreme. I dont care if you bash on predator control, but you say things that uneducated people will take as truth, then they think that we want to go flying around killing anything that moves, including very protected grizzly bears. And you know for a fact that that would never happen. So why would you insinuate that it would?

  2. JEFF E Avatar
    JEFF E

    Because that is what the livestock industry would demand at the first opportunity. The ongoing debacle concerning the bison near West Yellowstone and the continuous misrepresenting the facts concerning wolves shows that the lobbies that really call the shots at the statehouse only tolerate so much “wildlife” before it is sent to the butcher.

  3. BobCaesar Avatar

    Yo Elk Hunter – you know darn well that is EXACTLY how Wyoming will control bears. The ones hunters can’t bait will be shot out of aircraft by the predator gang. It’s our history! “The only good bear is a” — our record speaks for itself.

  4. elkhunter Avatar

    Bob, you are forgetting that this is 2007. When is the last time you can remember someone flying out and shooting a GRIZZLY BEAR in the Unites States? I am sure they might do that if they have a problem bear, or something similar to that, but trying to compare the controlling of coyotes and bears in the same sentence is stupidity.

  5. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Bob hasn’t forgotten it is 2007 because he knows the powers that be will try to make Wyoming into 1907 the first chance they get, . . . and they must might get.

  6. elkhunter Avatar

    You guys are going to the extreme and painting pictures for the uniformed public to follow.

  7. Eric Avatar

    with all due respect, crunch the numbers. It took man what, how many years to “civilize” the west? And how long did it take to for the North American ecosystems to develop before the European settlers “civilized” it. The ratio has to be in the astronomical range. And now where is this train headed? I don’t think anyone here is being extreme -certainly not any more extreme than how our antecedents tamed the west. That seems pretty extreme too in the big picture. So, extreme is relative isn’t it? What do you think? Now I’ve never been to Europe but I hear there are some small wilderness areas there and also some hunting. Maybe there’s some bison and caribou and small game, but not like here I’m pretty sure from what I’ve read. We have some of the last great wildernesses on planet earth right here. The world is changing pretty quick nowadays, I’m sure you’ll agree. I think what is exposed on this website is fairly reasonable.

  8. elkhunter Avatar

    Eric, I was referring to the fact that it is highly doubtful that we will fly out and start shooting grizzly bears from a plane. That is what I am referring to. As far as the situation in Europe I dont really know what happened over there, as for hunting and protection of federal lands, I think that hunting is ALOT bigger here that it ever has been in Europe by a very large margin. So kinda hard to compare the two, I agree with you, I enjoy the mountains and wilderness we have, I was commenting only on flying out and shooting grizzly bears, which I highly doubt will happen like it does to coyotes. Thanks

  9. Eric Avatar

    I agree that it is highly unlikely they will fly around shooting grizzlies. However, as much as I love this country, I don’t always trust the government, and I don’t think it’s too extreme to suggest that it could happen. I’m not from the west and I know only very little from what I’ve read about Wyoming but I know Dick Cheney is from there and well, you can guess the rest…

  10. elkhunter Avatar

    I am from the west, and have been here for many years, one thing you will notice on this blog is extreme, and anything that is not pro-wolf/anti-cattle gets hammered on pretty hard.


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