Alan Gregory seriously injured in bicycle mishap

We have all enjoyed Alan Gregory’s conservation news, and Alan has been a regular poster to this blog.

I’m very sad to report “Alan was struck while cycling by an elderly driver turning left who failed to look in his oncoming direction on 4/29. He was within several hundred yards of being back home. He has been in the hospital since with TBI (traumatic brain injury, no broken bones.) His prognosis is uncertain but he is responding in various ways, trying to talk and is alert a good part of the time but agitated, with periods of quiet.”

The above is from his spouse. She responded to my query. I noticed his page had not been updated for some time. Another blogger also told me he had been injured in a cycling accident.

I greatly hope that he will recover fully from the TBI, and be back blogging and enjoying the outdoors soon.






  1. skyrim Avatar

    That is sad news. He adds a unique perspective each time he chooses to post here. We need many more Alan Gregorys………… God Speed Alan.

  2. matt bullard Avatar
    matt bullard

    That scenario if one of my main worries while I bike around town. My thoghts are with him for a speedy and full recovery.

  3. MikeH Avatar

    I was really saddened by this news. I haven’t known Alan long but he is a great guy. I wish him and his family a speedy recovery.

  4. Howard Avatar

    I was so sorry to hear this. I have always enjoyed Alan’s blog and comments. May he enjoy a full and speedy recovery.

  5. Robert Hoskins Avatar
    Robert Hoskins

    My best wishes to a fine and committed conservationist for a complete recovery.


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