Far-reaching roadless legislation introduced in Congress.

Far-reaching roadless legislation introduced in Congress. By Jason Kaufmann. Idaho Mountain Express.

The bill, which affects the entire United States, not just Idaho, would make President Clinton’s roadless area protection rule into law, thus voiding President Bush’s weaker protection of roadless areas administrative action. The bill would not change the current use or non-use of these roadless areas by off-road vehicles.

There are many other stories about this.

The best web site for detailed information about this and other roadless area issues is The Heritage Forests Campaign




  1. Bruce Jensen Avatar
    Bruce Jensen

    It is encouraging that Congress is starting to take up the gauntlet on this important policy matter regarding roadless area preservation, but it must be remembered that nothing Congress passes is going to become law without the President’s signature, or unless Congress can muster a big majority to override a veto. Thus, we almost certainly will not see any finality to this legislation until after January 2009, and then only if we get a sympathetic Administration and a willing Congress (which means, unfortunately, mostly Democratic) – Teddy, where are you when we need you?

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    It’s interesting that this bill has some major Republican co-sponsors too. Many Republican members of Congress are beginning to realize that their constituency is not just the traditional extractive industries of the West.

    The development slogans from the period 1900 to 1950 in the Western United States that express the ideology of resourcism, don’t have as much impact on new generations of Republicans, independents, or Democrats, although BLM Director nominee, Caswell shows a willingness to promote them.


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