Wyoming’s Commissioners of Game and Fish are yet another Wyoming group to weigh in against leasing the wildlife rich and scenic Wyoming Range for natural gas exploration and development. However, a lot of the game is already over. Once a lease is issued, it is a property right. The government has to buy it back if it thinks it made a mistake (they are not going to buy any of them back).

Unfortunately for Wyoming too, all the players, Dirk Kempthorne, Mark Rey, and now Jim Caswell, are connected to Idaho, and don’t know much about oil and gas.

Wyoming G&F: Spare Wyoming Range. By Whitney Royster. Jackson Hole Star-Tribune environmental reporter.

There is Wyoming’s congressional delegation. Their US Senators may help, but their lone US Representative, Barbara Cubin, is a watergirl whore for the oil industry.

Oops Wyoming’s Senator Craig Thomas just died of cancer! Story. Thomas dead at 74.  By Mary Clare Jalonick. Associated Press writer. Casper Star Tribune.

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