Gov. Freudenthal asks Congress to keep alive late Senator Thomas' bill to save Wyoming Range from the drillers.

Freudenthal: Keep Thomas’ proposal alive. Before his death, senator worked on Wyoming Front bill. Billings Gazette. By The Associated Press.

Hopefully for the great scenery and wildlife in the area, this plea will turn out to be more than an nice sentiment upon the death of Senator Thomas.




  1. Greenie Avatar

    I would take this a all things beautiful e.g. wolves, grizzlies and other wildlife other would say “Well everything but that”. Pinedale is bldg a 17 million dollar pool from oil money. OK not directly oil money. This town of about 1500 people cenus, just happen to have that kind of money sitting around in their budget and have nothing else (book,head start,ect….). This is an area that is full of greed at all cost, “bring on the wells (dont froget the greenbacks)!


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