Recent stories about the bison issue near West Yellowstone

This came from a Buffalo Field Campaign news release today.

Buffalo in the News
6/5/07 LTE: Golden Pen Award ~ Right a wrong, preserve wild bison.
Billings Gazette (Montana)

6/5/07 LTE: Bison wrong target for DOL slaughter.
Billings Gazette (Montana)

6/4/07 Officials hopeful they won’t have to truck renegade bison
Billings Gazette (Montana)

6/2/07 Montana, under pressure, to take bison back to Yellowstone
New York Times

6/2/07 Facing slaughter, the bison that battled back from extinction

The London Times
6/2/07 Bison slaughter solution averted

The Missoulian (Montana)
6/2/07 Censorship and cop brutality in the new bison wars

Counter Punch
6/1/07 LTE: Buffalo Skull on Montana’s new quarters has significance

West Yellowstone News (Montana)
6/1/07 Calf concerns delay bison slaughter

Jackson Hole Star Tribune (Wyoming)



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