First forest fire of the season in Wyoming begins in Grand Teton NP

A lightning strike began the first forest fire of the season in Wyoming.

Wildfire season starts early for Grand Teton. Jackson Hole News and Guide. By Corey Hatch.

It should add that the last several days have provided substantial rain in Eastern Idaho and much of Montana, but overall the area remains far below normal precipitation and the heavy fuels (those that sustain forest fires, rather than range fires) are very dry.






  1. Jean Stockton Avatar
    Jean Stockton

    So glad to hear that the Teton area is getting plenty of rain right now. That should keep the forest fires down a bit. Lived in Green River, WY for 17 years and remember seeing smoke from Yellowstone fires of 1988 all the way down to GR. Hope to be up in Jackson the end of July.

    Jean S.


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