Idaho wolf gets free lunch at elk farm

Rocky Barker reports in his blog that an Idaho wolf entered one of those controversial elk farms in Idaho and killed an elk. Folks may be surprised, but in the case of the elk farm the onus is on the elk farmer, not the wolf.

The elk farmers are supposed to keep wildlife from leaving or entering their “farms,” but, of course, they are hardly secure as this free lunch for the wolf once again shows.

The recent Idaho Legislature refused to enact legislation to make these operations secure or to stop what many think is the odious practice of shooting elk in a pen.

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  1. elkhunter Avatar

    I hope it tasted good for the wolf.

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    Oddly enough I was in the area looking for wolves when this happened. Instead of driving the back roads and walking through the sagebrush, I should have followed my nose to an elk farm.

  3. Mike Wolf Avatar
    Mike Wolf

    I just saw the blurb about the cone.

    That’s hilarious.

    Funny, this wolf used to chase cones too. I ran and worked autocross events. I wonder if one of the wolves was trying to set the cone back up so another wolf could take his turn on the race course…

    oh to have a picture of that!


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