Rocky Barker's blog: Cowboys and loggers lose in two courtrooms

Here is more on the big victory, slapping down the Bush Administration’s new grazing regulations. Rocky Barker goes on to tie it with the recent Bush defeat on the roadless issue ruling.

One point about the headline — ” Cowboys and loggers.” Cowboys and loggers are the employees. Like so many of us, they are the ones who get the “short end of the stick.” It’s ranchers and forest developers who lost in two courtrooms. The condition of injured or “retired” loggers and cowboys is often not a happy one.

Barker’s blog in the Idaho Statesman.


Information on the big victory on roadless areas- June 8, Rocky Mountain News. Roadless rule survives challenge By Todd Hartman.

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  1. MikeH Avatar

    The Roadless Initiative victories are starting to pile up. I doubt the Bush admin’s appeal in California will work. The only one I’m worried about is the Wyoming appeal to the 10th circuit court.


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