Grizzly mauls Lander, WY man in Grand Teton NP

He is in good condition. He came upon a sow and her three cubs feeding on an elk carcass near Jackson Lake Lodge.

The bear and her large cubs (they’re yearlings) have been seen a lot this spring to the delight of most people.

Story in the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Grizzly bear attacks visitor in Grand Teton. By Cory Hatch

Update: photos of this bear, no. 399, and her cubs.

2nd Update. June 15, 2007. ‘I was in big trouble’: Grizzly mauls lodge guest on morning walk. By WHITNEY ROYSTER. Casper Star Tribune.

Update much later. This grizzly, no. 399F and her three cubs, remained a popular subject until she drove them off in the late spring of 2008.






  1. BobCaesar Avatar

    Shoot! It was bound to happen. This bear and her cubs were the highlight of spring around here.

    I feel very sorry for the fellow, but why, oh why, do people continue to run on roads and trails around Jackson Lake Lodge? It has to be a death wish!
    I don’t know how to post a photo of the bear family, but I’ll send it to Ralph and maybe he can…

  2. Wendy Avatar

    In all that free advice they are giving about bears, you’d think the one thing they might stress is “do not go jogging alone at 6AM around here”. I was in Teton two weeks ago and remember seeing, as I drove past the Lodge around 8:30AM, a lone female jogger in the flats across the highway, wearing headphones.

    I understand the desire to get out and run in such a gorgeous place but do people think that because a popular Lodge is nearby that animals are not?

    I’m sorry the guy got hurt but hope the bears are not punished for it.

  3. BobCaesar Avatar

    The news reports now say the victam was walking, not running. A goopd shot of pepper spray might have taught that Mom a lesson. Too bad it didn’t happen!

    On the other hand my hat is off to the maulie for not blaming the bear. He must be one very understanding educator. Wish I’d of had such a teacher fifty years ago…:)

  4. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    It seems there has been rash of that — not blaming the bear — the last 3 maulings I believe.

    Yes, it does take character not to place blame.

  5. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    For the past few months there have been countless documentaries and the like, devoted to bear behavior on the National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery channels. Which have included interviews of victims while still in the hospital as well as later, and despite horrific injuries, they have stated that they absolutely do not want the animals harmed/killed. One fellow was in tears still in his hospital bed , because the bear was killed despite his requests not to kill. It takes a lot of character to act objectively, {and to show tears on camera}.

  6. Tim Reem Avatar
    Tim Reem

    People need to quit being stupid and stop thinking that bears are just fuzzy animals that won’t bite. They are wild creatures and have a right to be in the wild. Just leave them alone. People get too close to them. When you are in the wild or even near civilization, keep in mind that bears might be nearby watching you. I live in town and found mtn. lion, bear, deer and moose scat in my yard. Always be on the lookout for wild animals. They dont just stand in one spot, they move around and cover a wide area. Remember to be alert if you even think you are in bear country.


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