Actually they are pretty far into the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (in the Boulder Mountains), not down by the houses miles downstream. This is pack of 3 and some pups. They were seen a lot near Idaho Highway 75 for a while as they fed on two road-killed elk.

Efforts were made to trap them for radio collaring, but that didn’t work. Domestic sheep roam the area in the summer, but the permittee is Lava Lake Land and Livestock, which is a very progressive sheep outfit. They will change their grazing pattern and have done so in the past to avoid conflicts with wolves. I would be greatif other sheep ranchers were like this.

Story in the Idaho Mountain Express. “Breeding pair establishes first den in area.” by Jason Kauffman. Express Staff Writer

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3 Responses to Wolf pack confirmed to be living in the headwaters of the Wood River Valley.

  1. Rob Edward says:

    Good on the folks at Lava Lake! I’ve met them, and I think they are fine examples of how ranchers can live with wolves. Unfortunately, because following Lava Lake’s example requires stepping out of the 1890s–and some extra work–I fear they’ll get gain few followers.

  2. I should have added, however, Rob, that just across the highway is a grazing allotment for a sheep rancher who is not progressive, and for whom a lot of wolves have already been killed.

  3. jerry says:

    I was the lucky recipient of 60 lbs of Lava Lake organically raised lamb. Best lamb I’ve tasted and to know it was raised on “predator friendly” ranchland made it even better.


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