It is possible to pet black bears if they are full, happy and completely unafraid of humans. The same bear could injure someone a couple days later when it is frustrated, hungry, or maybe has something like a sore tooth.

Story from Colorado. Wildlife Officials Kill Bear In Contact With Human. Colorado DOW Wanted To Prevent Deadly Attack.

June 24. Bear feeding charges unlikely. Aspen Times. The couple who probably fed the bear are thought to be too poor to pay the fine.

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One Response to Colorado wildlife officials kill black bear that people fed and even petted.

  1. Pronghorn says:

    The bear was killed as a preventive measure–the ignorant people who “corrupted” him walked away with no penalty whatsoever. This is truly sad and sickening.

    According to an official from CO DOW, “We don’t like to shoot bears but there isn’t anything that we can do to the people,” Hampton said.

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