Mountain Express picks up story on the illegal killing of Basin Butte wolf B313F

I told the story back on June 20. Now the Idaho Mountain Express has done a report on it.

Stanley wolf killed illegally. Lost River Valley resident charged with shooting. By Jason Kauffman. Idaho Mountain Express.







  1. skyrim Avatar

    I wonder why the ranch remains un-named? The guy was obviously working in some capacity for it………….
    $275.00? That stinks big time.

  2. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    I would guess that person has some political influence. Or is some how connected to government. I immediately thought back to when that ranch in Montana supposedly owned by the daughter of a senator, had a cow test positive for brucillosis. That ranch wasn’t anywhere near yellowstone, But I believe it made the news because of the senator. So I would bet there may be a similar kind of connection. There is some reason they want to remain anonymous, and since the fine does not fit the crime they probably have a great amount of influence.
    The loss of that wolf is just horrible. It is so agravating that there are people still stuck in the dark ages, seeing wildlife as “the enemy”. I bet if he could have contained himself and just fired the gun for the sound to scare off the wolf….
    People just don’t think.

  3. jordan Avatar

    It’s common knowledge around Stanley that the shooter is the range rider for the Stanley Basin Allotment on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

  4. paul mark Avatar
    paul mark

    If once a week a rober took your paycheck because he didn’t have any money, would that be ok? That’s how it is when a wolf kills one beef calf. It’s funny that people who are pro wolf still eat at burger joints. To raise beef you need grass, and lot’s of it. Grass among other places is in the mountains. think about it!

  5. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    This a poor analogy.

    I don’t think you understand current practice for raising beef. They do eat primarily grass, but live in feedlots where they are fed a mix of nutrients. This controversial, but that is the way it is done.

    Most of the grass that beef cattle eat is not in the mountains of the West, but in states that are productive of grass, such as Florida.

    Why would you assume that pro wolf folks eat at burger joints? I quit eating beef, and the last kind of beef I would eat, should I begin to eat it, would be a burger.

  6. Tim Z. Avatar
    Tim Z.

    Not only is it a poor analogy it has nothing to do with the illegal killing of an animal protected by the ESA with no known history of killing livestock.


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