Horse Creek fire has been contained.

I was reporting on this major fire in the Wyoming Range before I went to Central Idaho for five days — The Horse Creek Fire in the Wyoming Range.

Since then, it has doubled in size, but containment is now 100%. Containment does not mean a fire is out. It means the fire’s spread to adjacent fuels has been stopped by various methods. More, sometimes much more, of the fuels inside the containment can still burn.

This is in a place folks in Wyoming have rallied to keep out the natural gas drillers. The area is tremendous wildlife habitat.

Story. Horse Creek Fire may be contained July 3. Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Horse Creek Fire incident site (an interagency web site).



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    Everyone, Please be careful out there. This has already been a extreme and deadly fire season and it has only started. The predictions for this fire season are very grim. Fire is a natural element in the ecosystem, but 50 years of fire suppression and rural development has created a very dangerous situation. The droughts across the SW and the lack of snowpack in combination with these factors may serve to create the “perfect storm” fire season.

    Take care with fire around home and in the woods. Clear brush and over-hanging limbs from around your home. Keep your roads clear and serviced so that you can get out and fire personnel and get in. Work with your neighbors to make escape plans; and don’t forget to make plans for your pets and livestock. Make arrangements with the local schools to serve as shelters and rendezvous points for your families, if you have to evacuate. Encourage your neighbors to do the same. Organize a neighborhood watch to help spread the word; inform your neighbors on fire danger and what to do in an emergency. Work with your community to create defensible space around homes and evacuation routes.

    If you would like to help agency personnel with battling wildfires, donate to the Red Cross, volunteer at an evacuation shelter, or organize a neighborhood watch. For up-to-date fire information and on ways you can help, see the NIFC website for more details:

    Please be safe out there; the homes for wildlife are also at risk.


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