Madison Arm (near West Yellowstone) evacuation lifted

I was gone for about a week, looking BLM and Forest Service grazing allotments, and other things far better (congratulations on your marriage “BE”!).

In the meantime, a large fire broke out near Horse Butte, threatened many homes and structures and the town of West Yellowstone. That fire is now contained at close to 4000 acres. Story by the Associated Press.






  1. Sal Avatar

    This fire was “contained” at 100% as of three hours ago though there is still a StageI/II restiction patchwork throughout the entire Gallatin NF.

    Most evacuees are now returned to their lodgings.

    Consequently, the fireworks display for the town of West Yellowstone have been cancelled, no fireworks of any kind are allowed at this time. Kind of a serious holiday atmosphere.


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