Jon Way's book on eastern coyotes is published — Suburban Howls.

Dr. Jon Way, who has often offered his expertise on this blog, now has his book, Suburban Howls: Tracking the Eastern Coyote in Urban Massachusetts, published.

You can order it from the usual on-line sources or a signed copy with special color inserts at his website: Eastern Coyote Research.






  1. Peter Kiermeier Avatar

    Just went over to his webpage and placed an order for the book. Was not aware what this young and dedicated guy is doing! Great!

  2. Nancy Sharpe Avatar
    Nancy Sharpe

    I too have ordered Jon Way’s book…. living in ma. and hearing the coyotes yips and howls, it will be be fascinating to learn how they co-exist in suburbia….

  3. Susan Stringfield Avatar
    Susan Stringfield

    It is a shame the state of Massachusetts is denying Dr. Way the necessary permits allowing him to continue trapping coyotes for research, research that benefits all of us.

    We need to understand our wild neighbors and learn how excessive hunting can be counterproductive to wildlife management…coyote populations may stabilize when excessive hunting is ceased.

    Instead the state seems to cater to only those that want to kill these animals for their pelts or because they erroneously believe the are reducing the coyote population.

    Contact Mass. Governor Patrick and ask that Dr. Way be provided the necessary permits to continue and expand his research!

  4. Linda Hunter Avatar
    Linda Hunter

    just finished reading Jon Way’s book. What a great piece of research and I love the way the book was so easy to read. Every researcher who lives with animals gets heartbroken by the extreme short sightedness of other humans. Every spring and fall I have to endure another one of the bears I love being “harvested” by hunters who know nothing about the bear they shot at all. I highly recommend reading this book of Jon Way’s as you will never look at a coyote the same again, and you might find you live closer to them than you thought.

  5. C Alexander Avatar
    C Alexander

    Mr. Way I find eastern Coyote research very interesting though, I have never seen a wild coyote, at least not to my knowledge. But there was one incidence when a semi wild female “shepherd” was in a campground. A guy said that she was a german shepherd but i didn’t think she was. she had shepherd like features but had white underneath her throat and belly. She had a liter of pups and would go hunting I noticed remains of moles and other mammals near the porch of a shack where her pups were.


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