Washington State grazing project draws threat of lawsuit.

This story is on Washington governor Chris Gregoire’s sellout to the cattle interests in NE Washington where they are being allowed to graze for free on land purchased for wildlife (not cow) habitat.

Story in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Washington State grazing project draws threat of lawsuit. By Chris McGann.

Earlier stories on this:

March 27. Western Watersheds Project says it will sue to keep cattle out of Whiskey Dick Wildlife Area in Washington.

April 18. Another victory for WWP. Cattle turnout on Washington state Wildlife Areas stopped!

April 19. Photos and video of cattle in the Joseph Creek Wildlife area in Washington State

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  1. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    I thought I had heard it all…. until I read this article and the comments. I am speechless……..

  2. Ralph Maughan Avatar

    “With long-term exclusion of livestock, ‘native grass plants, flora and fauna essentially start to kill themselves from the inside out,’ Cattlemen’s Executive Vice President Jack Field said.”

    Jack Field must think were are all a bunch of idiots. Still, I have I heard this before, implying that cattle came along just in time to stop nature from destroying itself.

    Someone ought to ask the governor if she believes this stuff.

  3. d. Bailey Hill Avatar

    I think there are a lot more crazy and delusional people in our communities than anyone actually realizes. But greed certainly causes people to make irrational decisions. I would guess that their arrogance, self-importance, and sense of entitlement is a direct result of greed. It seems that most if not all “big business” and industries that harm our environment, has that attitude. Keep the money coming in at any cost…. as long as someone else is paying for it, along with health, nature, etc.

    I don,t remember the name of fire,in north WA, it was one of the largest ever. You can see the damage along both sides of highway 20, and goes on and on for miles. It,s been quite a while since I drove through there. It was nowhere close to regreening at that time. From there to the WD Wildlife Area certainly does not need anymore damage… I don,t remember the cause of that fire, but allowing cows in that corner of WA, is purposely creating a tragic loss. Considering the circumstances I believe that WWP will be successful.

  4. kim Avatar

    ‘ A trial grazing project near the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington has some conservationists accusing Gov. Chris Gregoire of putting political priorities before environmental protection’

    imagine that,, a democrat,,, now whood a thunk it,,,,!!!!


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